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October 2nd]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Hello everyone!

I'd like to announce that teru_passion has a gorgeous new layout!
(credit to _pixeldust! Do check it out, please and thank you! :D)

Anyway, it makes me really sad that this community has been inactive for such a loooong time! Anybody have any suggestions on how to liven this place up? ^________^

And one more thing, I'm looking for someone who can design a Teru profile (his age, birthday, likes/dislikes, quotes from interviews/radio show etc) in the userinfo! The community will credit you for it!

All right, that's all for now! Don't forget to check the new layout! :D


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Teru's Birthday! ^__^ [Thursday
June 8th]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi everyone!! Today is Teru's birthday!! :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Let's all wish him the best, yes? ^_________^

By the way, I was wondering if anyone could volunteer to make a layout for this community? I'd do it myself but I honestly don't know how. ^^; You will be credited for the layout, I promise! :D
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WE love glay! We love Glay! And Teru too! Pics of The guys! [Tuesday
February 28th]
[ mood | determined ]

Let's keep it alive and post!Collapse )

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Some Glay Places for you to love! [Friday
February 24th]
[ mood | content ]

Looking for glay stuff!!

Why not check out these places!!



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February 24th]

A friendly hello from your unworthy mod.

This community is well... kinda dead. So please, please, please, if you have anything to say, post, write, rant, translate, whatever about Teru or anything related to him or even vaguely, post it up!! If any of you have any ideas to make this community active, then comment on this post. It'll be nice to have some activity, and I apologise profusely for my negligence as well as inability to think up of anything. Heck, even making a pic profile for the user info flopped. Badly. :X I made this comm. because we all (obviously) love Teru! So please, cooperation will be so helpful and muchly appreciated.

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Finally!! An Teru Daily!! [Thursday
February 23rd]
[ mood | crazy ]


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Teru Fanlisting =p [Thursday
October 20th]
Hi all!! This is for all the fans of Teru *-* !! I run the Teru fanlisting :) please check it :D thanks ;)
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Such a bad Mod :[ [Saturday
October 15th]

[ mood | thankful ]

I realise I have been neglecting this community for ages! T.T so very sorry! And yet I am delighted to see that it is still functioning thanks to all of you~ :D

To keep this community alive, and since I have since awful photoshop skills (-_-) I'd appreciate it so much if any of you could make a profile of Teru for the user info section :D it'll be sort of a mini contest thing, and the best will be put up on the user info! And if anyone made another, we'll use the rotation method so each profile will be put up at least once :D I hope I make sense o.O

From your loving (but neglectful) mod

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LOVE-LY BAY-BEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!~~~~ [Sunday
October 2nd]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi to all members of teru_passion!! It's been a while since this community was updated by mods and i'm very sorry! Thanks to all who stayed with this community! Here, i've posted some Teru pictures from B-PASS Sept an Oct. Now enjoy! <3

Now... The Bait:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hooked-UP!!Collapse )

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September 27th]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Can someone please make me a few avatars with this picture? *_*

I found it last time...and loved it at the time I saw it. X3~

Teru eyes shutCollapse )

So if there´s someone out there who can do it....please.


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September 1st]


hi, just found this community. ^____^v

As you can see I like Teru. ^^ I really like it when he laughs.

Greet ya!

One of my fav. pictures of TeruCollapse )

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March 12th]
[ mood | crazy ]

hello everyone!^^
i'm new. big glay fan and I want to new friends! ^^ so......uhm........so get my first pictuare i put down here. and i'm very sorry for my bad english! gomen ne! ^^°  so guggst du da!Collapse ) one of my fav. hisa x teru piccus! x3~ see you soon baba hichanmon! ^^y

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GLAY EXPO 2004 THE FRUSTRATED t-shirt [Saturday
March 12th]
Hey everyone!
I have an auction up for a GLAY Tour good!! It's the EXPO 2004 THE FRUSTRATED black t-shirt! Don't miss this! The t-shirt is really cool!


(if that doesn't work, just look up GLAY)

sorry the link was wrong!! >.
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Sorry to post this..... [Friday
February 4th]
But, I just want everyone to know that I have an auction for GLAY's EXPO 2004 "THE FRUSTRATED" in USJ OFFICIAL DVD up on ebay that will be ending in aboue 3 hours!!
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Selling some GLAY things... [Tuesday
November 23rd]
Ahh..hi. Probably the first time I've actually posted in this community.
But.. I'm selling some of my GLAY things because I really need money for Christmas presents (started buying for people & now, ran short of money.. -_-)! So...this will help me hopefully!!

Sorry I'm a bit lazy to copy and paste (with links and all) So please go to:
For my list of GLAY things that I'm selling!

x-posted in other GLAY-related communities~
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September 29th]
I haven't said this already, join GLAY-MUNICATION!

Sorry if I posted about it alreayd, don't mean to spam! ^ ^()
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Hey! [Tuesday
September 28th]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone!! I'm new here (and to GLAY, but I absolutely love them!). Wow, I'm impressed with all the info and pictures on this page!! ;)

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ayu-chan's message! ^_^ [Tuesday
June 8th]

[ mood | GENKI!!! ^__^v ]

Hi! Fairy-chan here! I'm just here to post on behalf of miki_ayu ! She really couldn't go online today (she sounded pretty upset about it) so here i am!

Well, here's her message! From miki_ayu:</span>

I would like to wish Teru a very Happy Birthday because he's a wonderful and amazing person, at least on stage. He is strong and has a great outlook. He is one of the most important members of GLAY because Takuro quoted that Teru was 'he only person who can sing the songs he writes. I hope Teru will have a fanrastic life with lots of happiness and experience with or without Ami.

Once again I would like to wish Teru a very Happy Birthday and an apology to everyone because I couldn't go online. 

Yaaay~ I did it! *is proud of herself* That's all she told my to say i think! I hope i didn't miss anything! (If i have, gomen, Ayu! ^_^v)

Anyway, that's it! Bye everyone! ^_^

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Teru's Birthday! ^_^ [Tuesday
June 8th]

[ mood | genki!! ]

whee~ since in my country (Japan too, i think! ^_^) it's already 8th June, i just wanna wish our beloved TERU a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^___^

YAAAAY!!!~ *throws confetti everywhere*

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Boo! [Monday
May 31st]

[ mood | sleepy ]

ah... i'm back.

smoking is bad for you, Teru!!

*won't deny that he looks good in this pic*

pretty Teru ^_^Collapse )

um...wait! one more thing! i'm not that big a Teru fan, but...it's 8 days to his bitrthday! (correct me if i'm wrong, i seriously can't count XDDD)

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